Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 2, 2017

The Ego : “The Unromantic Killer “~by Hela Tekali

Thank you Jaleshwer Jeanwall for nominating me for the silver medal for my poem on Ego. Congrats for all the winners, too.



The Ego : “The Unromantic Killer “

Ego is a killer of your humanity
It devours your sweet compassion, love and modesty
You behave with shrewd arrogance and superiority
Overlooking the fact that divine beauty lies
In sheer humility
Knowledge of the self is sought through a humbled knowledge of the divine
It is only when you abstain from your ego Your soul is enabled to shine
Look! at the Trees how they give oxygen for life
Look! at the Sun how it warms our planet with its rays and light
Look! at divine love how it is sweet with its purity, spontaneity and pride
Ego is your unromantic killer
It devours your humility bit by bit
Look at love per se as your human healer
Make sure the supremacy of your ego to outwit.
With death of your ego you will shine like the sun as the source of light, love, and heat.

Jenayah Hela
The Ego: “The unromantic Killer”


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