Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 3, 2017

Daily missive for Monday the 3rd of April.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Monday the 3rd of April.

Hate crime is still a crime
Domestic violence is still an assault
Never justify an action
With a prefix.

So many lies
Truths waiting to be untold
What of honesty
When the easiest option
Is to create a falsehood
Then deny its existence
As a matter of fact.
Kick out racism
Go on kick harder.
Bring me the head of the beast.
What of beauty when so many
Wait for it to die.
Innocence is lost on the hater.
How can you listen
To the children cry
Stamp all over
Their chance of survival
Beat senseless the individual
Mount an attack on the undefended.
What truth is there in that
When guilt is rewritten as patriotism
Are there any useful isms
What good have they ever done
Even escapism holds a captive audience.
Language is key
Even the peacemaker is incautious
We need to cut off
The head of the snake
And the body will die
Or do no harm
Charm the serpent
Until he succumbs and becomes
Your own private dancer.
Will that be an answer
Domestic slavery
By any other name.
Truth is a goodly concept
But still may cause you pain.
Whilst a lie can provide safe Harbour
In a storm
It is no haven from the apocalypse.
Lazy words from loose lips
Are scattered far and wide
Cluttering up the places
You thought to hide
Building a defence
More for themselves
As every sentence crudely uttered
Becomes more and more self-serving.
Make a space in your cell
For the poor, the needy
The bombed out survivors.
How can they have
A better life when they
Do not meet your
Threshold for support.
They are different
Illiterate, illegitimate unkempt
Un-taxed, unasked, unmasked, exempt.
Therefore in your words
By decree freely given
They all meet a loose definition
Of the totally undeserving.
No need of preserving
Or persevering
With cultural integration
Just exterminate and hate
Then close the blessed gate.


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