Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 3, 2017





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Every moment is rehearsal of Emperor’s new clothes
You are no doubt familiar with the naked truth
But you paint the truth with your own brush
All those who nourish your ego,are okay for you
You are expert to lie them , for your prejudice hue.

You manipulate events with your own view
So truth turns shadow for others to review
You are not bold enough as innocent child
To face the consequence of speaking truth
Hypocritical intelligence turns drama to view .

What inhibits you from speaking truth
Weighing amount of benifit, in your share
Digging ground for someone’s grave
Might turn a solid place for your own grave
Why don’t you relate morality with truth ?

False -Appraisal, a source of mutual gain
An immoral spirit to bathe you with rain
Might turn “Nudity Show” in mass procession
Like dramatic display of” Emperor’s new clothes ”
Never ensure benefit against your inner conscience
Avoid prejudice and greed to restore courage
To claim the truth aloud like an innocent child..

By Tulsi Shrestha
Www.poemhunter. com


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