Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 3, 2017

PASSION~by Aarti Mittal




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Passion is what you are for me
Passion is to love you day and night
Irrespective of my existence
Whether I exist for this world or not
For you I exist in you
though am gone
As your vision in your eyes
In the tears of your joys or your sighs
As smiles on your lips
As kisses in your sips
As warmth in your chest
As beats in your heart I nest
As passion in your life
To be with you I strive

O dear
My passion is not just romancing to your skin
My passion
is to be your breath
to be your hard work sweat
To be the beat in your heart
To be the dusk and dawn of your start
My passion is to live in you
To live with you
For you
To be the each feel of you
To be the each peel of you
My passion is to passionately passion you.

Copyright @ Aarti Mittal


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