Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 3, 2017

Writing is easy~by Glinjo Glinjo



Writing is easy

Writing is easy
It’s not a wordsmith mastery
Just have to dive in -put words to paper if you choose
Find your own stride what sounds good to you is what you use
Not everyone will get what you try to say but that’s ok
You have to write what you feel thats what important anyway

The words -the use -is a little like a dance you see
One moment it’s a tango moving steady to the raucous beat
Then an eruption -it’s a twerk -it’s the twist
And if you’re not old school you might not get this

But that’s what I mean not all will understand the words that flow from a writers steady hand
It’s a free movement made with words -we bow to every words command
And sometimes we don’t know where the words and us might even go
It’s a constant evolution- the things that make a writers flow
Some rhythm -some don’t -some sway -some won’t
Speed up -slow down -make you laugh -make you frown

I said the writing was easy just pick up a pen and you’ll see it’s true
But the mastery to make them feel -might take some work -straight talk to you
Just keep at it -the feeling you get when someone does understand
Is well worth the effort -it takes to flow from our writers hands

#Gloria TiBi Domine #writer #poet #All things are possible with God


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