Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 4, 2017

Daily missive for Tuesday the 4th of April.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Tuesday the 4th of April.

I still see
Every freckle
Across the back
Of your hand
Running up each finger
To its tip
Helter skelter
A joyous parade.
The sensation
Of your hand in mine
A squeeze
Of reassurance
At the right time
The way you touched
My face
It was love.
The tumble of words
When we were alone
Discovering our
Stories were as entwined
As any wish fulfilled
It was love.
What of this timewise jumble
As it moves
In strangely acquired security
A cycle familiar
Though never repeated
Never still
The movement
In the silence
Hard to find
It is love.
Even in sympathy
The harmony a rapturous
My cheeks burn
As memories
Light fires of recognition
It is my submission
That to bring meaning
Into the heart of life
You need love.
Any observer will tell you so
And without benefit
Of intentional observation
Marking its passage
There is no time
No meaning
No life
And no love.


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