Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 4, 2017

The Mystic Mariner ~ by Swapna Behera



The Mystic Mariner
Swapna Behera

The mystic mariner
With the vivacious smile
In the musical journey
Of his own cogent orbit

The mystic mariner
A spiral odyssey
Of the Ragas and Rasas
In the cat walk of the cosmic ramp

The mystic mariner
The catalogues of virgin eyes
Yet demonstrating peace
Peace decoding love
Love drifting oceans of empathy

Are you the musical seven notes,
reflected in the nature?
Or the interludes of
the baptised plasma?

The mystic mariner
His destination is a journey
With his astute aura
Entwining rainbow, polar stars
Butterflies in the horizon

The mystic mariner
reflects the incarnation within
His arena and aroma inscribes
In the pristine elixir

The mystic mariner
I bow for not that Thou Art
in the mystic frame
But in a prolific protocol—–

Copy right @Swapna Behera 3.4.2017


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