Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 5, 2017

Get up Sleeping Baby ~by Swapna Behera



Get up Sleeping Baby

Get up Sleeping Baby
Alone in the crowd runs the man
Carrying flood and drought
in a brief-case ,of plane

Rushing to the street
To get a window seat
In a scorching heat
remembers wife
and his sleeping baby

Does he carry his wishes
Or the target of his boss ?
Frying himself with the numbers

Inhales the dust and exhales the sweat
Like a pregnant woman decreases speed
Hustles and tussles alone in the crowd

His sun rises and always sets
with a kiss to his sleeping baby
His body trembles ;mind crumbles
Forgets medicines ,remembers savings
Does he ever climb or at all swim ?
Has he ever lived or pretend to live ?

Alone in the crowd toiling all days
Has a sweet wish never he says
Get up darling baby to get my kiss
Get up sleeping baby and give me life
copy right @ Swapna Behera


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