Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 5, 2017

Heal Me~by Hela Tekali



Heal Me

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Shall I be healed
After my death
When all my sins
Will be wiped out.

I ‘ll be no longer
A flesh made of bones
But shall my name
Be carved as a gemstone.

Yet my wounds
Have not yet been healed
At times l still feel
The painful droplets
That bleed with the tightness
around my heart

I’m fading from the agony
Of my miserable life
As l drown in the poison
Watching the light inside me
diffused and dime
Pulsing slowly
hidden within
As each shallow breath
draws in the coldness of my heart
Slowly dissolving
Sinking into the emptiness.

Knowing l no longer exist
In this world
But shall it be a better place
For my jaded soul to be healed
Breathless I am
For inhaling the air
Exhaling the emptiness
And the pain of loneliness
Burned with ignorance
Of life after death
Or a promise of eternal morrow.

I shall face my death alone
How I wish to rise from the dead
Standing erect and steadfast
But something has changed
I’m just an empty vessel
With a soul ripped out
But how I wish the silence
That I’ll feel when I leave
These bones and flesh
Could ever heal me.

Jenayah Hela
@Spiritual Poetry
Heal Me


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