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I invite you all
Those sick of minds
Patients all of your own kinds
With greed and hunger for flesh and skin
Come I invite you the beasts to have me out and in
Before you step forward and pull my veil
Let me in words let you my beauty feel
Let me tell you my eyes big are brimmed witb love
Oh my apology , you don’t know love but lust
Just below my long pointed beautiful nose
Are placed my juicy lips of colour pink as rose
Once hummed lullabies sweet when you were infant , in days those
Slip a little down to chin
When you were teething in your mouth you grinned
Aah glide down
Where your hungry eyes love to peep
Your sinner hands love to squeeze
Are my breasts full of motherhood I once did feed
Slide down to my thighs
As infant was a bed perfect , your safest place to hide
And then lies the place between my thighs
Where you seek your pleasures high
You sin you pin
Is the place
You enter the world through
With your closed eyes
Before pulling my veil
Getting me nude
Promise me to you do
Devastate devour me
In front of the world thee
Without even a thought to see
Behind the veil
Stands your mother
Your sister who feel shy
To bring in this world you the sly
She is ashamed of
The birth the love the care
She bestowed on you
Trying to make you
The man the saviour
But a savage turned out you
She repents
Why didn’t she kill you
Why is she still alive
Just to hear or be called as A RAPIST’S MOTHER
An embarassed survive !!!!!

Copyright Aarti Mittal


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