Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 7, 2017

Daily missive for Friday the 7th of April.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Friday the 7th of April.

Broker me
Find a way to render the past
Save it in perpetuity
Offer it back as a gratuity
Save the kisses
In a sweet box
Sugared like almonds
Bring it to me
On the wings of a dragonfly.
Transfer my love
To a hummingbird
It will taste the sweet nectar
Whilst flying.
Tiny wings
Beating without moving
A rhapsody divine
It goes well with wine.
Let me feast on the memory
With the water of roses
Watch the butterfly
It stops to make poses
Before moving on.
How you loved
To reveal their beauty in a portrait
Catch it now before it is too late
And the moment is gone.
I can see the picture
When I close my eyes
I don’t need a fortune
When I have this prize.
I realise
It is worth more than gold
To have seen you fly
In this world
A love unfurled.
I will never say goodbye
As you are here
In the beauty of the morning
And the mystery that awaits me
Every breaking day
I will see you inside a bowl
Of skylight blue
Add a splash of water
Watch a rainbow grow
I saw it bleed with you.
Mixing up the colours
Playing with texture
Painting love as an epitaph
Storing it in safe keeping
A cache full of memories
To be drawn on.
No need for probate
It is not intestate
But it is all for you to step into
It is a well spring
I hear an angel sing
It is a lullaby and makes
Even a stone heart cry
It is the what, the how
The why
It is the when
The where
The why.


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