Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 7, 2017

Self – confidence~by Hela Tekali



Self – confidence

Self confidence is an acquired characteristic
The Muslim has to acknowledge the blessings of His Lord upon him be realistic!
Avoiding self admiration and arrogance
Two annihilating flaws in the Sight of God totally cursed as a sign of ignorance
Who succeeds is the one who purifies himself by doing righteous good deeds
Who fails is the one who corrupts himself by doing every kind of evil wicked deeds
The more the Muslim puts trust in is HIS Lord
The greater his self confidence will grow minimizing his despair no longer feel bored
To develop your self confidence
Be grateful to your LORD for your good skills
Try wisely to deal with your weak points
Strive to reach the same level and see how it feels
Dear Muslim set specific goals for your life
Check on the outcome
Try with good planning and the help of your LORD out to a satisfactory objective come
Try not to be distracted by past failures spoiling your potential efforts
Making you looking down on what you have achieved of success
Your logical reasoning distorts!
Rid yourself of the evils and bad effects of anger
Strive to mend your ways
Adhere to the laws of Allah
Let them be your refuge, your hangar
If you really want to purify your SOUL
Train yourself to take action to achieve your WHOLE
Do what your LORD commands upon you
Refrain from what he has forbidden on you
Never despair! take the challenge
Your trust as your PROOF
You’ll be successful as you intend further on to move!
Making you with “your acquired self confidence” fall madly in LOVE!!!

Jenayah Hela


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