Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 8, 2017

Commitment~by rldubour




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Commitment, I wonder how many people know what this really means?

As I look around not too many people know it seems.

I watch the young ones marry and they think it’s fun and games.

But, when the word commitment comes, their attitude does change.

This one is for you girls out there, be careful in what you play.

He says that he loves you, get pregnant; see how fast he runs away!

I see this happen all the time, not willing to sacrifice.

Especially the vows of marriage, that’s one commitment you make for life.

Instead of couples solving problems, one will give up and run away.

This commitment thing is too much work, what else did you say?

Sacrifice? Are you kidding? They have to have their way!

Let them go, you’re better off if they do not stay.

Now I will tell you what commitment means to me.

It means your wedding vows are sacred, as sacred as can be.

It means you face and solve your troubles, don’t run away and leave.

It means you sacrifice yourself for what your family needs.

It means your partner in this life, always at each other’s side.

Right or wrong, nothing short, you’re always there to help them by.

And say the words I love you at least once a day.

That you love the one you married in a hundred million ways.

If you do have children, make sure they know this too.

Just knowing love is a part of it, will greatly help them through.

Commitment, I wonder how many people know that this really means.

As I look around not too many people know it seems.

Commitment, last a lifetime; it is not something that you dream.

Commitment goes with sacrifice, not with peaches and ice cream.

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