Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 8, 2017

#Day 7 Rage of Angels CHHINNAMASTA~by Sudeshna Mukherjee



#Day 7
Rage of Angels


Let me tell you a story
Of blood and details gory
Once three nubile nymphs
Danced sublime and in sync

The watchers teased and taunted
Cheap lewd remarks had them haunted
Emboldened the obscene harassment continued
Their life became a caricature with other’s attitude

These Asuras grew large in number
That’s when the three decided to become the marauders
Provoked they invoked The Prachanda Chandika
That’s when they metamorphosed – the troika

These Asuras were annihilated by the triumvirate
Drinking their blood in victory to celebrate

Tantric and ferocious she chopped off her own head
The self decapitated Goddess was just not dead
Her Yoginis and she drank her own jet of blood
To quench their heightened emotional flood

Not afraid to take on the demons
Chhinnamasta’s lore is chanted as sermon

Beware of the rage of the angels !
copyright Sudeshna Mukherjee


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