Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 8, 2017

EYE WITNESS~by Balachandran Nair




With that single eye, Mom,
Always you looked so ugly.
I was born more ugly,
At least I thought so,
As people are kinder with
Those born fully blind eye,
Scared, they turn away, from
Those with single eye, yes.
I used to always blame,
Insult, accuse you for that
Single mistake of
Not killing me on birth!
Now standing in front of
Your lifeless body, both
Your eyes shut, mom,
How so beautiful you seem!
Whereas I, ugly, cover
My blind single eye under
Rich sun-glass and weep,
As somebody told me
I in fact was born fully blind
You toiled hard to feed,
Educate me, saved enough
To get me eye transplanted
Donated one of your own eyes
But never let me know it
Sent me to boarding,
You worked even night shifts
Jokingly telling ‘with one eye,
I need just half sleep’
I got job, got rich,
Saw all beautiful things around,
But failed to see, the
Beauty of a mother’s heart
Now I repent, cry aloud,
A ‘mere half-cry’ with this
Single eye gifted by my
Beloved mother!



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