Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 8, 2017

He’s Still Watching~by Glinjo Glinjo



He’s Still Watching

BowDown -Respect -Proclaim
Our families we all need retraining
We’ve had it wrong for years
So our path has been fraught with tears
Love of money has made us weak
Faith in God is obsolete
Should be the other way around
God-family- love -eyes heaven bound
But we don’t recognize our God
To busy darning worldly garb

Time is running out for us fast
Time to pray- forget the past
We can continue along in chains
Fighting the world- playing its games
Or take to knees and give God his due
After all he created you

Don’t believe that? Guess that’s free will
He gave that to you so you could feel
Like you had a choice to recognize
He made the earth-you -and the sky

Still don’t think he is for real
Yet you stand and think and feel
Evolution is that what you think?
Black holed existence made in a wink?
And poof we were magically here
Has anything ever been that easy dear?

It took thoughts brought to fruition to create all this
Sight beyond our comprehension to make it exist
A view from someone as old as time
To create human beings with just his mind
I get excited just thinking on this
How can you not we were formed with love
Breathed into life from God above
Put on this earth to accomplish his will
And yet we rape and hate and kill
There will be repercussions for all we do
Smarten up-BowDown -he’s still watching you

#glinjo #writer #poet #All things are possible with God


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