Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 8, 2017

THE FOUR LETTER LOVE~by Dr.Kalpana Mallick




When the four letter love expressed through a true and sweet loving heart
The universe echoes delight
The waves make the the dry sandy beach lovely and fit
From the embryo of the Oyester
The pearl opens it’s eyes
The casuarina plants dance by bowing their heads with cool breeze
The moments fill with the colours of the Spring

When the Four letter love
Expressed through a traitorous
Lips in false nectar
victimizes the innocents
The sweet loving heart splits of into
several parts
Death encroaches it’s arm
Through the enticing approach
The day looks long and dark
Through rains and storms
It becomes painful to realize
How dangerous
The most attractive line
“I love you so much”
From the lips of the treacherous

When the four letter love
Expressed through a holy person
The stressed heart romances with compassion
The seeds of admiration germinate towards wisdom
Crashing down the Hard surface of tension
Enlightens the heart
Removing unhappiness and illusion
The life blooms with joyful conversation
For an infinite reason


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