Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 9, 2017

Come On~by Glinjo Glinjo



Come On

Oh that we knew the pain our ancestors carried on their backs
Chains and rope- Brown bags of hope -they brought forth to overcome
A realization rang out in echoes -my color is not my sum

Found a way to build from wreckage so steeped in hate it often weights my soul
And yet today we are still hating seems it will never grow old
It is a poison-a sickness- fear of the unknown-clutched deep -but not in DNA
It is a learned process we teach and preach that leads them all astray
A constant barrage of negativity -bad this -bad that it seems
Is as corrosive as an acid burning deep revealing dreams

Like a constant drip on a mountainside eventual decline
and if we do not change this mess humanity declined
We’ll find that we are doomed to repeat -lie and perpetrate
When we could bow and recognize all love and stop the hate

But we are a hard headed bunch-
We let the drip of hate return-begin again
There view forever hate maligned to blind to see the sin

Oh that we could take a snap shot of the now that we go through
With our complaints of daily things
What to eat
What to do
What to say
While some must sit and contemplate their death from day to day

We must break the chain recommit to this
God then family then co-exist
Time for foolish things to be put in the rear view
God above is the needed breakthrough
Come one come all- none will go hungry
Got fish- got bread all day
He promised he would provide and
My god does not play

#glinjo #writer #poet #All things are possible with God


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