Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 9, 2017

Daily missive breaks into the weekend Sunday the 9th of April.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive breaks into the weekend Sunday the 9th of April.

We walked the steep hill
Breathing heavily
Avoiding the bends
But quite light headed
Seeing the world
Through the haze
Of a better way
Missing the mistakes
Of another day
When it had been too easy to stray
From the bridle path
Become bone idle
Run a hot bath.
And the sparrow hawk
Barely moving on the breeze
Looking for something
In the trees
It was just me picking a route
Through the undergrowth
Finding a trail
That would suit us both
It was a matter of faith
I would not fail
But somehow you fell behind
I lost my truth
And have nowhere to turn.
The pasture
Is a wildwood too over grown
No longer a footpath
To lead me home.
I stand all alone
On the edge of a rabbit hole
Teetering on the brink
Of an endless warren
A labyrinth
Lost in the underworld
Every feeling magnified
A punishment divine
Flayed beyond reason
Further than the end of time.
Unless I find a way
To continue the journey
Find an open door
Step inside
See you once again
Tell you how I really tried
To lead you to safety
Bring you home safely
And with good grace
Travel on hand in hand
To beyond the forever land.
As it should be
Together in space
Spirits free to wander
Such a lot to ponder
Adrift in the open air
Without a care
No bad wolves
Or rabid dogs will ever
Seek to find us there.


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