Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 10, 2017

Daily missive for Monday the 10th of April.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Monday the 10th of April.

So tired
For the most part
The weight of living
A crushing bore
Only enlivened by recollections
Of better days.
This life
A drain on the many
Who encounter it
A man who has become
Stranger than he used to be
A stranger to me
Head drooping in the afternoon
In front of a keyboard
Conscious thought becoming a dream
Before you know it.
He may not show it
But his seams are frayed
And coming apart
With the struggle
To pass for normal
Whatever that may be.
It is a comfort to know
People care when you share
A little of yourself
But be sparing on the detail
As eyes glaze over all too easily
Certainly his do
But generally on his own
When the world shrinks
To the size of a bed.
He is grateful
For the chance to lay down
His head and contemplate
The beginning and end of things.
Recalling a memory
Of a girl who sang
A song to her father
Just a child
In front of an audience
What a voice
It was sonorous and loud
Made her dad proud
A creation of magic.
He warmed to the theme
Lost in a dream
But was left feeling tragic
Alone and nostalgic
How uniquely selfish
To make it about him
And his wish he could sing
Instead of floundering
In a welter of tee-lights
Early mornings and endless nights
Dispensing essence of Lavender
Confusing what might
Be real
From the wishful and wistful
Fall into a basket
Brim full with
Butterfly wings
And day dreams.


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