Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 10, 2017

I cherish my independence~by Payal Sunandan



I cherish my independence

Laying my head on creamy-white
keys of a piano,
I listen to the music which exists
despite the absence of a life,
wake up out of the ether,
scantily clad in Suns and Moons,
a beautiful little fool.

I cherish my independence,
I am not spoilt,
but sweetly vindicated by
the sidereal Neptune.
Worry not about men,
worry not about future or
even triumphs,
worry about what we call a
state, wisely used as lessons
learnt from the past ways.

I cherish my independence like
a gigantic fish left alone in a bowl,
sublime labour with aching joys,
carefree pathways of an unchanneled
stream hardly recovered like
a hazy memory.

Sell yourself only where it pays,
borrow has never written any happiness
nor does any life imitate not any art,
I revisit my fundamental belief
where work must be the only dignity
and family, the lasting bunch of loyal


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