Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 10, 2017

Neon Night~by Nandita Samanta



Neon Night~

I stand transfixed beneath the sky,
Watch the tapestry with reverent eyes
A mysterious weave of charismatic light
Moon beams on roofs settling for the night.
A point between peace and pristine
Innocence veiled in promises of spring
Array of beauty to share in delight
Silhouetting shadows mock the moonlight
Ethereal moon brushes upon the wisp of floating clouds
Combination of fragility and beauty abound.
glistening dew drops on grass…a picturesque sight
Muse that amuse together at different heights.
In the stillness of night, silence is imposed
Yet chirping crickets and croaking toads harmonies compose
Nature and night jive in a sensuous ballet
Gusty wind plays symphony across the valley
In the lap of nature forgetting all duress
Enthralled I stand under the blanket of darkness
Watching cosmic beauty and nature coalesce.

©®Nandita Samanta.


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