Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 10, 2017

Nothing can come from outside of us; ~by Sandra Regina Viana



Nothing can come from outside of us;

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Nothing can come from outside of us; nothing can be added in.
We are already the spillway of awareness of where wells Infinite.
What gets the name of human in us must be quelled,
to become a clear transparency through which our Infinity
Be individual might appear, express or reveal
Everything is done with care, love, dedication, the return is fantastic. Care for, preserve, enjoy every moment, doing what makes us happy, no price to pay …. !!
The heart grateful every day
Enhances the experience of living
Among the many disagreements
A point in common
Thanking the breathing
Settling dawn
Enjoying the learning
Appreciating the differences that drive us
Living with similar
Accepting that we do not control
Correcting our behavior when we judge
Observing all as apprentices
We are similar differences
Such differences as small when it comes to live
We are all learning
We seek common purpose
That smile to the stranger on the street
Nothing more than a recognition of a brother
We are not really strangers to each other
We are all apprentices in evolution ..



  1. sounds the way it ought to be, fine words, thanks

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