Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 10, 2017

SOUL PHOTOSTAT~by Balachandran Nair




Sun lit candle, nature brought bouquet
Ocean composed chorus, today is special
Being my beloved’s memorial day.
We were married for five decades,
She left me alone, now for one decade.
Ever since mom left, my lone son
Use to visit me in orphanage, to
Present me with oblations he offered
For well being of his mom in Heaven!
Today as usual he brought five packs
Of meals for myself and closest of friends.
He held packs in front of me, glee wide
His eight year old son focused, clicked,
Asked ‘’, clicked again
Before I could smile, a loud frustrating horn
From beautiful wife waiting in car outside
Startled them both, boy ran fast to gate,
My son turned, smiled, asked me,
“Papa, alright? Have Bhojan*”, was gone.
I was dead, except for hot tear boiling my cheek
My friends led me to All Religion Prayer Hall
Where we use to engage in soul-melt Bhajans**
On each visits of our beloved children.
To pray to God Almighty to spare them
The suffering we share here in old-age homes.
This day, my darling, you are nearer to God,
So join me in prayer for goodness of
Our own son, that innocent boy!

* Bhojan = Food
**Bhajan = Prayer



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