Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 10, 2017

THAT LOVE IS TRUE~by King Julian




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True love today is scarce
Falling in love is such a mess
Finding the right tie to match your dress
Is way easier than matching your happiness
Today a lot pretend and live a lie
Just to please that girl or impress that guy
But pretending to be a bird wont make you fly
No matter how high you jump or how much you try
You are better off just being yourself
Than pulling your ears to be an elf
But what if being yourself is just not good
With people saying you’re self-centered and downright rude
Good thing about humans is
There’s really nothing we can’t do
So if a character or lifestyle appeals to you
Why not just work on acquiring it too
That way people are attracted by the real you
And you messing up wont be something new
Because that’s the real you
Imperfection is part of us
Working on our habits is always a must
If all about you is fine, then that’s a plus
No need to pretend when you see your crush
If he falls for a fake you, that wont last long
You’ll both be in a position you don’t belong
So just show your true colors
Don’t be an actor to please others
So if in spite of all your flaws he still loves you
Then you know with a certainty that love is true


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