Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 10, 2017

THE OTHER SIDE…~by Sharnjit Kaur




It will take a lot of time to accept
That you are no more there,
I can still imagine you by my side
Fell your essence in the air.
It takes time to adjust
Trying to fill the void that you left,
You have been taken away
This feels like theft.,
But I hope you are safe
That your body is no more cold,
Hope your soul still shines
Brighter than all the gold.
I hope you are at ease
And you remember everything I said,
I will come to meet you soon
Once I’m dead.
But till then rest my dear
Don’t lose your strength and your smile,
Wait for me at the gates
I will arrive in style.
Till then I will live fully
Try and enjoy this ride,
In the hope that I will see you
Waiting on the other side.


  1. wonderful poem, i friend of mine of old passed away recently, someone i knew as a very young kid, your poetry reminds me of him, he was kind, john finan was his name, amen.

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