Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 11, 2017

“Love”~by Haraeen Hussain




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Love sits as a lustful bird on the flowery breasts of night
Lovers in the musk of Jasmine starve for the bliss
They lit a twin-flame in the mystery of darkness
There pounding hearts engulf in the melody of love
When they pull the strings of emotions
Swaying the dark sensation in high and low notes
Desiring each other, and desires of two come together
In this mutual harmony lovers spread the ink on the petals of water
Intoxication migrates from soul to soul
Waves of hallucination write their name on the face of sky
Love sow divine seeds in the fabric of their being
From the marvels of fantasy they lean forth to hear each other’s call
Through love they see the pseudo layers of overflowing ecstasy
Painted in every form and colour to decorate the moment
Images of sentiments are inscribed on the stars
In love they taste every flavour that proclaims their hunger
Lovers lay on the bed of roses and forget their beings
Caress and fondle the spirit of the holy bliss
Love take them to the sanctuary of unseen murmurs
They drink the droplets of mesmerizing dew
And float in the bottomless tides of ecstatic pleasures
Lovers play hide and seek in the caves of black night
Shimmer under the purple tents in deep peace
Like they drank the winevault of love Breeding life, converging and nourishing the Jasmine flowers
Then love surrenders in the arms of lovers, melt them in the purgatory pot
Empowering the glow of this mystic fusion and divine reunion
In the profound glow of full moon and tranquillity of passions
Lovers made this transformation
From emptiness to fulfilment…

Haraeen Hussain
“The Composition of love”


  1. Love a lustful bird.. I liked the metaphor.. The entire poem is wrapped in the beautiful blanket of this metaphor

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