Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 11, 2017

” POETS FOR PEACE ” #168~by Michael Patton





I think it’s way past time to start another revolution.
We need to get back to common sense solutions.
For those who are with me then let’s get down to it.
Seems to me friends we need a leader of peace.
With a touch of brimstone so as not to seem weak.
I hereby volunteer myself for this noble position.
But if you have someone better I’m willing to listen.
If not then I want you to hear my heartfelt words.
I’ve been sent here to help you cut your umbilical cords.

There comes a time when silence is a betrayal.
So I speak my mind because I am able.
And I chose this part as part of my portrayal.
To try to persuade you all to come sit at my table.
This is not just a poem or some made up fable.
And I’m not trying to be funny or even playful.
My ideas may seem crazy and a little unstable.
Cause I’m rocking the boat so that love can beat hateful.
But I gotta do something because I’ve been enabled.
To write words and phrases without being disabled.
By labels stapled to my prenatal cradle.
And thickening my skin like a year old potato.
To now fight all the leaders who treat us disdainful.
I just want peace, Is that being ungrateful?
And If you believe like me that it’s gotten disgraceful.
Then enlist in my Army and we can flip the damn tables.

That’s right, I said enlist.
I need warriors that want to commit.
Don’t just sit there licking your lips.
Shaking your head and shaking your fists.
Stomping your feet and crying in fits.
Promising change but never moving an inch.
You’re too busy screaming at your television sets.
Bitching and complaining about the state we’re in.
Acting like a stranger when a friend needs a lift.
Acting like you care when you don’t give a shit.
Acting out your part for who’s benefit?
Acting like your heart is in your head.
So I’m giving you a chance to be heard again.

Time is up if we do nothing to change things.
But together we can hit them like a thousand bee stings.
Swarming around them until they can’t even think straight.
Buzz around inside their heads like rusted saw blades.
Cutting out the parts that keep us all dismayed.
To build a better world than the one that’s been created.
We can use our mighty words and also clever phrases.
We could really change things if we are courageous.
We have all the tools we need to be their agitators.
You just need to step up now and help me be persuasive.
I am only one voice so my words are quantitative.
I really need your voice right now to change this situation.
I can’t stand to see the world living so complacent.
If like me, you think these things, then that’s your motivation.
Join me now or I go down and all my time is wasted.

This is a movement that I’m trying to start.
I need poets like you who speak from the heart.
I can’t move these mountains all by myself.
If you help me now, you’re helping yourselves.

If history is to judge us all on what we do today.
Were you a spectator or did you step up to the plate?
My legacy is as clear to me as is night and day.
I was gifted with poetry to light the passageway.
To use my words to gather herds of people left behind.
To let them know that I know what’s in their state of minds.
Join me now won’t you, on a grand and glorious adventure.
Because nothing ever changes if nothing is ever ventured.
You can’t ever win the fight unless you are a contender.
And I don’t know about you, but I will never surrender.
Until I’m in a body bag or laid out on a stretcher.
I’ve got blood and guts running all through my veins.
What, You don’t believe me? Then Google my last name.
My great grandfather was General George S. Patton.
So I’d say generally I can make things happen.
Only the last line here is meant to be funny.
Vote THE PRETZELED POET President in the year 2020.

Written by
Michael Joseph Patton
© 2017

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