Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 11, 2017

Prayers~by Hela Tekali




With prayers
I’d like to erase
The thorns of the past
But your wall of pride
Is too tough for me to break
I ink every thorn with my beat
For your aches run in my veins
I write them with my falling tears
I pray each drop to listen to my prose
Each small word I ink with my bleeding nose
Where my eyes bear witness of the love I hold
With prayers I beg you my humble prose to behold
But how could I erase those thorns
When they were carved with permanent ink
And so I drift away into my sea of loneliness
Losing myself within the rhythm of the breeze
Till the whispering waves wake me up
From my longest dream back to my sad reality
Realizing everything is shattered
Where my prickling past returns to dust
I’ve turned your name into pretty words of poetry
With prayers preserved forever in my heart.

With prayers
Jenayah Hela
@Spiritual Poetry


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