Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 11, 2017

Tears fall in wreckless abandon~by Aly O’Neill



Tears fall in wreckless abandon

Tears fall in wreckless abandon
Distanced from a friend, distanced from friends,
Tears fall but you never know
I never let you see them
You will never know how much
Your constant rejection
The levels of unimportance
Placed in your priorities
I just smile and say
Its ok
Its always ok
When the reality is
It is anything but.
Times change
I have a habit of clinging to what is passed
Fooling myself things are.built to last
I am not designed for surface level friendships
Acceptable in this modern age
I sometimes feel I do not belong
Damn the poetic darkness
Just words at the end of the day.
Times change, I am bad at it,
Feel a sinking down, as you move on
I had my lead part in your song
For a while and with grattitide I will smile
When I hear that song
But know you are already gone
New fazes, new faces
As is right
So I will smile at you in the distance
You will never see me cry.

Written by
Aly O’Neill
April 2017.


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