Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 11, 2017

……Your Words and Mine…..~by Blender Magpie



……Your Words and Mine…..

Image may contain: one or more people

I’ll be anything you want as long as it won’t hurt hearts that make our units,
Come,commit the perfect crime of love that arranges spirit in joviality,
Oh,I’ve been longing to see you in my dreams born of thoughts that haunt us.

Connect your heart to mine to mould mind running wild to hold breaths,
All whiles your presence I feel in my burning capillaries blood boils over,
Ah,every cell of my body throbs with your wild fragrances in chosen flavours.

You’re my only sunshine,my smiles that sweep my pains,cathartic syrups,
I feel the warmth of sensual touches in untamed moods ignited,
And suck the salty nectar of our mouths when both lips meet and tweet.

O sweetheart,I’d keep waiting for hundred years to have you in real for ages,
I’d then scream out your name to the world in my arms,”you’re mine alone,
Yes,you are my pearl in an angry ocean of waves that I arouse in my bosom.


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