Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 12, 2017

Daily missive for Wednesday the 12th of April.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Wednesday the 12th of April.

How little is seen
From the outside
When much
Of appearance
Is thrown up as disguise.
It is no surprise
When the object
Of concern
Is so fragile
Touching is rarely allowed.
Perhaps it is all dried out
Paper thin
Collapsing into a pile of dust
With the brush
Of a fretful breeze.
Too late now
To disregard the pleas
Of a broken heart.
To be left alone
Is not an option
Once the seal is cracked
Letting the cold air in
Either you grasp
The chance to thrive
Or the shock
Of an honest response
Will be too severe to survive.
How do you stay alive
Out in the open
Without protection
The fear of rejection
A matter of fact.
Nowhere to run or hide
Means you get caught
In the act of pretending
On the outside
As well as the inside.
There are no fools here
Step up, feel the fear
It is a proof
If one was needed
That you are indeed alive.
Do not deprive
Yourself of the chance
To enjoy the music
Sing a little.
Dance and rediscover
Cherished moments
A sublime renaissance
More easily said,
A lust for life
Is all you need
For such a fine romance.


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