Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 12, 2017

Quite a Life:~by Mohammed Michael Harfoush



Quite a Life:

How is it that your love can quell my nerves?
Why is it I got more than I deserved?
The day you came into my life, it changed;
And all I knew before seemed curt and strange.

A new terrain I tread with you these days.
New pastures have revealed themselves to graze.
We forage our way, unfazed, ‘long paths paved,
To see where destiny’s belied our fate.

I know not what the future holds ahead,
But with you, I’m more than willing to bet
That whether we see days of joy or strife,
At journey’s end, I’ll have lived quite a life.

© 2017 Mohammed Michael Harfoush


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