Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 13, 2017

A morning with my Dad~by Sumana Bhattacharjee



A morning with my Dad


Seventy six years is my father
I’m his not so young ‘ -younger daughter .

He stays near by me
Often I go to his place
To ask ‘How R U Dad ‘ ?

Often he forgets his keys
He is suffering in pernicious animia
His nights disturbed by insomnia
But rare I have seen him sad !

It was a chilly morn
Winter was pinching like thorn
I go to his place ,
Ask him very same question
“How R U Dad ” ?

His stalwart voice answers
Wake up late in the morning is bad !

Please Dad ! I am not lazy bones
Up to late night I have to versify some poems
I use to check my messages and email !

U are old enough
Don’t worry about me
Take care of yourself
Otherwise you’ll be feeble !

He said but just for today
Let’s have a walk , okay ?

Muttering my mind answered
Okay ! Let’s go
Otherwise you’ll feel low .

We start to walk and for some time jog
I was gasping but dad was talking like a young man talk .
Suddenly he tell let’s go to the ration shop ,

I say ‘Why ! Tell me
Why me ?
Dad answered ‘Very simple ‘
U should know much more about me .

I agreed ! He said , now with you
I’ll go to the laundry !
I murmured O God !
R U there for me or not !

Then Dad said “Now we’ll go
To my favourite meat shop !

At last I say ‘Dad I can’t walk anymore
You are not a child ! No more !
He said you should work hard much more !

When your heart is bold
Time is like gold .
Now tell me
U or me ? Who is old ?

Sumana Bhattacharjee


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