Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 14, 2017

Easter comes ——- by Swapna Behera



Easter comes ——-
Swapna Behera

When I look at you hung on the cross
The existence of mine with tears toss
Never you had a word of curse
For Judas , Mathew, Pilates or foes.

You are the Emperor oh Lord !
Born in the darkness of a virgin’s womb
Travelled from Heaven to Earth
To be a human and die for them

A curtain was torn to permit the entry
You the Resurrected Lord defeated Death
Death ,where is your sting ??
None can keep my beloved under the tomb

You are the breathe of Lazarus,
The eyes of Bartilimaeus
Your existence is the light and
the vibration of words at creation

You became the servant , king of kings!
Washed the feet of all
You converted the conspiracy, vengeance into transparent love
Love that never envies and boasts
but is peace , joy , kindness
and faithfulness
Love that is never rude
but rejoices with the truth
And protects , preserves and trusts
Love that never fails Oh !Lord

You left the Throne to take birth in the manger
Your death is never the death
As God can never die,
you are resurrected
Your love travels the longest
and touches every dust
Dust of Adam to the stains
of the streets and lanes

Your love has no agendas
As you said on the cross
“For they know not what they are doing ”
But yes Lord ,
Every day our tongues ,our hands ,
our minds ,our perceptions ,
our jealousy and hatred
Hang you on the cross millions of times
Forgive us oh Lord !

I pray Lord,
Let this be my last mistake ,
Let you not be crucified
again and again —

I repent and regret –
I love and adore,
My beloved Jesus,
Resurrected shepherd
I open my heart for you dearest
Before you knock the door
Before you knock the door

You are the rose of Sharon
You are mine and I am yours
You are mine and I am yours

Copy right @ Swapna Behera


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