Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 14, 2017

Good Friday~by Paul F. Lenzi



Good Friday


“Crucified” by Carol Schiff

a day of dark passion

the ultimate sacrifice

dies the redeemer

the terrible gather of

consequence giving

a poignant example of

wages accruing to sin

an unbearable suffering

earned by transgression

the tendencies awful

in flawed hearts of men

here as prophesied

one man accomplished

the cleansing of souls

love eclipsing the hate

leading unto renewal

restoring the access

through faith to a path

of return unto light

here as prophesied

rescue delivered by an

unsurpassed selflessness

life born to die

for the sake of the world

greater love hath no man than



  1. thank you for sharing my poem with your readers

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