Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 14, 2017

MATERNITY II~by Tukur Loba Ridwan




as it goes in one room
so does it in the other rooms
in an arcade of differing fates.

life and death at a headlock
about the priceless soul of
a labouring woman-
fear. tears. sweat. blood. more tears…

nature bears a heavy pitcher
on her shoulders to stop this water
from spilling into the guts of hungry soils.

is her life
in the hands of the midwife
in the care of creation?

both have skills of making things happen
– humanity is a proof. we are proof.

shared portions of anxiety among
kit and kin like a feast of celebration.

but no celebration is due unless
the midwife has made those things happen
with the ultimate guide of creation.

oh God of creation!
direct our noble cause
guide our midwives right,
let us reap the seeds we sow…

how nature would bear the weight
of the filled pitcher on her shoulders
till the end of the road remains a mystery-
a question about the milks in the wombs
of coconuts…

but how a tree sheds her leaves with ease
is never beyond the knowledge and whims
of creation.

o God of creation!
this you have done in peace.
our hearts you have gladdened and pleased
to your divine elbow, more grease…

nature has unburdened her aching shoulders
with this pitcher on the ground
and the water, unspilled.

the tears of the labouring mother
has been inherited by the new born:
after fear comes relief, in the maternity room.

O’real © 2017


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