Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 15, 2017

Don’t Be Told~by Lilian Dipasupil Kunimasa




Don’t Be Told

A dream that once was foretold
Of children in far lands to mold
To be wiser, stronger and bold
Be they learners leaders or sold
Separation may have been cold
Yet to solemn promise they hold
Time when children return to the fold

Time was when warring tribes did fight
When power belongs to the might
When owls were silent in the night
When wariness follows the light
No love, no peace in one’s sight
Motherland was cast in blight

Now comes the time to set things right
To cast away the slavery’s fright
Children wise and famous write
Ready to set the future bright
With one another arms held tight

Hear all the music sang in one chord
See the paints blend in one board
Taste nectars poured in one gourd
Listen as tongues speak of one word
Melt into a plow your bloodied sword
Stand up as one before the world

A dream that took so long to unfold
Children from far lands in arms enfold
Kinder, wiser, stronger and bold
Separation had been lonesome cold
Yet their solemn promise they uphold
Time for children to return in the fold
Be learners or not, don’t be told


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