Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 17, 2017

Daily missive for Monday the 17th of April.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Monday the 17th of April.

Break me open
Turn the key
Pick the lock
Tear down the doors
Lay waste to my defence
It is your only hope
Of registering surprise.
The lines of engagement are clear
Daggers are drawn
Bring in the outriders
Secure the boundaries
It will be more than a skirmish
This night
When the prize is so well guarded
Its meaning eludes even me.
The veil is more than disguise
The barrier more than the creation
Of a stronghold
For my soul.
Antagonism is borne of fear
Labyrinthine fortifications
A construction of the heart
A protection indivisible
Until the moment of need.
A drawbridge
Raised to prevent intrusion.
Insurrection is only possible
With infiltration from outside
The installation of a new
Relationship to life
Which would outgrow
The old administration.
Without good reason
Or further provocation
The thought of such an outcome
Is a treason
To the wounded soul.
Give unto me
The wreckage of this life
Let me grieve
Its undoing
In peace.


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