Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 17, 2017

Suicide~by rldubour




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This is a topic I do not like but I will attempt to write.

Has everything gone dark and lost all sight of light?

Does one really think, that this will make things right?

How selfish of a human being, to take their very life.

I try and picture what they think and brought them to this state.

Was their life all that bad? What turned their love to hate?

I cannot imagine the emptiness that they all must feel.

What could have happened in their life? To make suicide so real.

Life is our most precious gift, given to us at birth.

How can I get my message out, what life is really worth.

What event in one’s life, which made them to decide?

That their life is not worth living and they would rather die.

What about their families, their children or their spouse?

No matter what their troubles were, they could have worked it out.

It bothers me to even think, that one could end this way.

To die alone so it shall be a cold and lonely grave.

If I could end this senseless act, this is what I’d do.

Teach them that the looking glass, the image is of you.

Protect them from worse than fate.

And of this life learn to appreciate.

Don’t give up yet and sell it short.

Learn to love your life for all it’s worth.

To shed all thoughts of bitterness

And greet each day with tenderness.

To walk your road with head held high

To know you want to live not die.

This is what I would do, to help one to decide

Ban this word forever, this word called suicide.


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