Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 17, 2017

When…And Blessed Then~by Sanjib Das



When…And Blessed Then

When my dear ones in my own dwelling place started
staring at me as a cursed stranger
When my own dreams refused to be well known
When that ball of fire hanging in sky was so intensified
turning into all consuming fire of hell
When I dared not embracing my own shadow
When burdens of sin became my hunch-back
When my loaded soul started cleaving instead of leaving
When my sky had turned charcoal black
When my mind coiled with exhaustion in
Serpentine path of living
When thousand years of ownership disowned my ochre heart
When sky started shaking itself amidst bitter rainless nights & days
When a furious ghost sculpted the old Banyan Tree for a sculptured figure
That started mocking at me creating a strange feeling
And when my obeisance failed to reach down to the depth
Of Thy blessed foot stool
Then only didst Thy merciful glance with the fullness
of kind- hearted love and grace fall on my own self
Stretched Thee Thy lovely arms and
I found the blessed solace of noble sinless Life there.

All ® Rights reserved : Sanjib Das


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