Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 18, 2017

PEG~by Balachandran Nair




Beg your pardon
I had a large peg
For sure, a last time
Until its kick recede.
Bought on stolen cash
Liquor no more bitter
Peg, pickle, chat
Made for each other!
Whatever others talk
Lack logic, I ignore
Only I talk sense
Why you all disagree?
I fall down only once
Thrice I stand up, such
Wonders happen in heaven.
Who left a bun here?
I bit for a gulp, taste good,
But like live frog it cry!
Street light with fruits
Tease me, call me
But closer I come
Farther it go, laugh.
I ran, caught hold of it
Shook hard, fruit fall
On my head, it broke,
Red jelly like is its juice
Though blood like it taste.
Some vehicle brake abrupt
Handsome I smile, salute
A pretty lady twit,
Twirl, turn, drive fast.
Now its dark, I go home
A hammerl on head, a burn,
Thud, twitch of two teeth –
No, I entered a wrong home!
I’m dumped in a park,
Few dogs sniff, lick,
Some mug search my pocket
To buy a peg, good luck!



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