Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 19, 2017

Daily missive for Wednesday the 19th of April.~by Peter Forster



Daily missive for Wednesday the 19th of April.

The world is out there
Something tells me so.
The draught from a window
Freshly opened
Enlivens dust moats
Soaked in essential Lavender
Disturbing the passage
Of indifference
I feel at the nature of things
So oblivious to its effect
On the day to day.
What of the future when the past
Has barely retreated
And the present is a ghostly apparition.
The only given is the meaning
I am fashioning
For this whole charade, in all its glory.
It is a saddening story
Of misunderstanding
A tragic farce
In which so many doors
Are opened and quickly closed.
With so little
Learned in the passing through
There is no point in moving
Not when this room is
both fortress and cell.
Holding me, a prisoner to my thoughts
Keeping them safe
From further interference.
When resolution flutters
This way and that
A moth to a flame
Would be no less vulnerable.
Remaining prone
Reclining without moving
Means I am less likely to stumble
Over my own humility.
As the day grows older
Nothing becomes me
More than the strength to forgive
But in the episodic progress
Of a pilgrim
Even forgiveness
Is beset by the vagaries
Of unbiased appreciation
And the impossibility of its existence.
Age has brought me no nearer
To an understanding
Of this eventuality
Than I was yesterday
Come tomorrow
It may be closer.


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