Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 19, 2017

The Attic~by rldubour



The Attic

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A place to find lost treasures that people put aside.

And if you’re young a place to go for fun or just to hide.

Attics can be scary and some are brightly lit.

Let’s do the scary one, it’s almost Halloween.

About the ghosts that live up there and still can hear them scream!

At night you hear them walking as you try and go to sleep.

And some nights you hear them talking and even hear them weep.

What keeps these souls from moving on? This you have to ask.

As you wish them to go away and never to come back.

Some are very active, some just quiet and shy.

The one thing they have in common, they already died!

As you lay in bed you feel something moving by your side.

You don’t move a muscle just cover your head and hide.

You learn to put up with them, they don’t mean no harm.

This was their attic before you came and they just cannot leave its charm.

Can this be the reason why they choose to stay?

Why they came back to their attic, from their lonely greave!

I do not know the answer to this mystery.

Why ghosts do haunt your attics, since the dawn of history.

Some are good, some are bad.

Some are happy and some are sad.

It depends I guess what has taken place, in their life before.

All I know is I hear things and sometimes a whole lot more.

So if you have an attic and you hear their ghostly sounds.

Just hope that they are friendly and that they don’t come down!


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