Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 19, 2017

WHITE WORLD~by Tukur Loba Ridwan




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do you know
that there is a world away from this world?
and this world in some of these lines is a safe way
to a white world full of greener grasses
whose sight sits on
cloud nine. . .
the way to that world can be found
in a burning city, like a colony of embers
through the tube to the throat
down the aerobic sphere of the lungs. . .
this way is a safe way
for the commuters of risks driving the health
down the well-being of illness
only to feed the illness of well-being
with more pleasure
that it all ends up a health-risk. . .
but it is a safe way to a white world
of greener grasses. . .
this way is usually trodden on the naked soles
of addiction
like a stroll along the boulevard of dreams
and more dreams. . .
just dreams!
that looks to those who do not tread,
an illusion. . .
the way is a settlement for migrants who seek refuge
in the clouds of smokes
from the reach of spiritual paws of evil
– so they say. . .
the way is a muse to the music that gives a new life
to the brains in melodies of maladies. . .
mental maladies. . .
the way is the way to the world away
from this insane world,
that that way has remained the most sane
till death do ‘us’ part:
i mean, ‘we and these colonies of burning embers’
in the soft tube, full of sensations. . .
that there is a world away from this world
should not be a rocket science
to those who seek to know more. . .
the way lies in the darkness that darken the lungs
only to find their shadows
in the imagery of white worlds full of
greener grasses. . .
the sight of that world sits on the ninth cloud,
and we can find the questions and answers
to this mystery in our minds. . .
let’s just sit in one corner
and filter the smokes off these tubes
of burning embers in their colony,
then we will see what this poetry has seen,
that the grasses are not that greener
on the other side.

O’real © 2017 .


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