Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 20, 2017

Now, a subject that is so irritating~by rldubour



Now, a subject that is so irritating

Image result for Now, a subject that is so irritating Congress

Ok, now enough is enough and most all will agree.

There is a small minority group that is getting to me!

If you think I am mad, DAMN RIGHT! Who do they think they are?

We even have these big conglomerates treating them like stars!

They say they don’t want to offend them as they do what this group ask.

And like the nothing majority, we shrug and just step back.

They successfully got our school prayers band from being said!

Why do we all let them keep missing with our heads.

Now they are after “In God we Trust” to erase from everywhere!

I say if they don’t like it, then get the hell out of here!

Again we have big business that make statements much like this.

Siding with this group and why? Afraid of the bucks they’ll miss?

Now they have put Christmas high upon their list.

Now they have gone way to far should we put up with this?

Pepsi for one, made this statement, “We do not want to offend this group.”

Really? Maybe we should not pay for this instead let’s pay in soup!

The back of us currency is “In God we Trust”

And I sure don’t want to OFFEND ANYONE!

We all must get involved each and everyone.

Christmas, they want this word banned!

And all pictures of Santa not to be used on any

Advertising in the land.

It is the blood and sacrifices our forefathers’ and mothers

That made our life today

Shame on us for letting this group have their say!


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