Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 20, 2017

PATENT OF TEAR CURE~by Balachandran Nair




I was brought home, here,
To have a last look at her
I keep smiling, like a child
All eyes around fix on my visage.
One beat stopped abrupt,
In my weevil selfish heart.
It was for this kind woman
I let forgo a whole togetherness
I feigned like a Alzheimer
Enabling our son to take her away,
To take her care in a better way.
Painful, tricky my acts were,
Kneel, knack I adhered dare,
Cried for milk, like any child
Wee wee-ed on bed, clapped,
Trip, fell, passed wind, laughed.
With no more option left,
Duly they put me in asylum,left.
Took her away to look after well.
I thought, all is well that ends well.
I remember, this day last year
I presented a nice poem to my dear
On eve of her sixtieth birthday
Today I’m unable to shed
Even a drop of tear, my dear,
Lest they detect I’m alright,
Feel imbroglio, no, I’ll not.
In asylum, we the kings n queens
Never console each other, instead,
Let cry their heart out, weep,
As we do hold the sole PATENT
The one and only cure
For all ailments, elements.
But now I am here, home,
Would kindly lend me, someone,
A drop of tear, as I repent, want to cry
For having not properly understood,
That she cannot last long without me,
This old man already shed all tears
To make his lady drown in it unknown
Now I hold her tight, hug her sentiments,
Since old age is a trance,
Someone got its patent?



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