Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 20, 2017

The darkness is spreading~by Glinjo Glinjo



The darkness is spreading

The darkness is spreading
Reaching out with tendrils of pulsating hate-spreading fires of insolence
-destruction and anger
We have become a society of closed eyes and scared hands trembling with fear cowering in solitude

But what if there was a man who fought a fight so he could die to make things right
What if that man was always really a God and he created you would that stop your sleeping and weeping and judging a man
Because now he is you trying to make a stand?
Trying only to be heard in a place so loud with despair
That some lose their minds everything isn’t fair

You will scream and cry and wonder why
You will fall and fail and feel like hell
You will shine and define and strengthen your core
Grow gray -grow sick- have friends no more

You will die and become dust once again and the one that will be there at that very end
Is reaching out now -take his hand I dare you too
Times winding down curtain coming down on all that we see
Question once again is will you end is sky or underneath?


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