Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 20, 2017





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Love is like a rain that falls on the barren thirsty soul,
Emotions and feelings form a river that run out of control,
Time took its toll, and it became harder ,to survive in the living hell,
Disappointments are persuading me ,to go back again to my shell,

I, in despair, look at the chances that scatter and fall,
l smile, tears do fall like dew and make no sound at all,
When l reached a stage, and started to feel that life is on a reverse,
Soon, l started loosing control, and things got really worse,

The heart and soul ,seem to form some kind of rhyme,
The heart won’t answer, the soul needs responses many a time,
The torture of the soul, is visible in the eyes that are sad and cold,
The eyes, have poor retention, as tears they are unable to hold,

It is difficult to keep the free spirited soul down in any prison,
When minds are locked down, how can positivity be risen,
I have no big goals, l want my dreams and nothing more,
I am confident, and l will achieve whatever, that l now swore,

Remembering the words that ,were sometimes somewhere spoken,
And the hearts that , embraced the soul were
Finally broken,
I just cant keep on giving, and hope nothing to get in return,
The treasure of my heart is stolen and here l stand forlorn,

All these years, silent treatment has emerged as an habit of mine,
From now on, for myself, my own worth, l need to define,
The wandering soul , has a deep longing that, helps to fly back home,
It is now weary and lone, and no more intends to roam.



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