Posted by: Ron DuBour | April 20, 2017

Today I sat and watched ~by Glinjo Glinjo



Today I sat and watched

Today I sat and watched a bird fly across a blue sky
He swooped and glided along on his path
No thought I’d bet to- if this flight would even last
No worries about things in the way
He just swooped and dipped

If God gave this bird enough thought to know to swoop and soar
Don’t you think he expects from us just a little more?
A bit more understanding of what a man or woman should act like and be
The respect that we should giver her and you because you were created by he who
Thought and we existed came back from the dead walked on water -created the world and ended it too
Just because it was seeped in evil and debauchery see where I’m driving you?

Kinda sorta like it is today
What are you expecting from a God that doesn’t play?
Even a baby could see the track record so clear
Keep dealing in sin and he will becoming have no fear
Patience he has it -since he created that too
But even that will run out one day so what are you gonna do?

Soar all around in the air soaring and dipping
Or bend and BowDown to The One who is flipping through a calendar of days he only knows in a blink he could be here or so the story goes
Will you wait too late just have to sit back and see- but for all those that know -we will BowDown and take a knee

#Glinjo #writer #iwrotethat # poet


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